Dr. WILLY PEDRIOLI Attorney at Law and
Notary Pubblic

Master Of Business Administration

The Pedrioli‘s office offers assistance and legal advice in the field of the civil law, administrative law,  national and  international fiscal law, with particular regard to the law of the enterprises, international contracting, constitution of companies in Swiss and in foreign countries and also in off/shore jurisdiction. If necessary the office makes use of appropriate, qualified law offices in many European countries.

The office takes care of the activity of the credit recovery; usually for finding the way to obtain the desired result. We collaborate with an efficient collaborator’s group to search the relevant information about the financial position of the debtor (residence, job, real estate property possession, social participation, bank deposit, etc.).

The most important activity of our office is related to purchase and sell the real estates, leases, relationships of job, etc…. and is particularly concentrated on companies arrangements, in order to prevent possible complications of legal proceedings.